Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer

Saskatchewan produces the largest whitetail trophies in the world – just check the record books.
Bait-Masters is located in prime whitetail habitat and we have consistently produced trophy class bucks for more than a decade.
Our whitetails are big and burly, the kind of deer that hunters dream about. There is only one way to find out just how big these monsters really are! Come hunting with us, and we will help you put one on the ground.

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Heft his rack, hold the long daggers in your hands, enjoy the wonder of a huge trophy buck. Then grunt and groan as you help your guide drag him over to a clearing for pictures.
You won’t stop trembling for a long time, nor will you be able to take your eyes off the rack of a lifetime.

We hunt hard, as hard as you can handle. Thrill to monster bucks charging in to the rattling horns. Work scrape lines and rubs with a professional guide who knows how to grunt and rattle – but watch out, as the action can be fast and furious!
Prefer a slower pace? Then try one of our comfortable ground blinds or tree stands overlooking an active bait. Our bucks don’t come easy – but they are well worth the effort!

  • Weather is a huge factor affecting the behavior of bucks and obviously the comfort of the hunters.
  • Early season hunts can occasionally encounter temperatures that stay above the freezing mark but as the season progresses the snow and cold become more significant.
  • The age-old rule of wearing layers of clothing still holds true for Saskatchewan whitetail hunters.
  • Warm footwear is essential for hunting in the snow and sub-zero temperatures.
  • Saskatchewan hunting regulations require all centerfire rifle hunters to wear a red, yellow or blaze orange hat and a complete outer covering of white, blaze orange, red or yellow. Regulations have changed giving our clients also the option of wearing a colour cover-up hunting coat.
  • Our bucks are big – so we recommend fairly heavy calibers and premium bullets. Many hunters are using 7 mm and .30 caliber magnums, although the.270 Winchester to .30-06 range of cartridges is also fine.
  • Telescopicsights are warranted as shots can vary greatly in distance.

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